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Essential Car Checks

At Pontypool Accident and Repair Centre we do so much more than just new tyres and MOT’s! Did you know we offer winter car checks as well as a range of garage services to keep your car on the road this winter?

All you have to do is develop the habit of devoting a small amount of time and money to your winter car’s requirements, and you’ll ensure its continued protection, comfort, and usability when it’s most required – on those cold winter days.

Why You Check All Your Cars Lights

Make sure your headlights, brake lights, and side lights are clean and free of debris or snow on a regular basis. If your car’s headlights aren’t as bright as they should be, it’s one thing, but in heavy rain, snowy, or foggy weather, brake lights that aren’t working properly put you at risk from other drivers who might not be able to see you.

It’s important to double-check that all of the bulbs are in working order, as well as your fog lights. When driving in South Wales, fog can appear unexpectedly, and well-functioning fog lights can help keep you safe in dangerous situations – see and be seen is still the best slogan!

Why You Should Check Your Oil Levels

You must check your oil levels on a regular basis with the dipstick (under the hood). Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to check your oil levels, but the engine should be cold in general.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean with a cloth or kitchen towel, and completely reinstall it in the engine. Remove it again, and you should be able to see the oil level depending on the dipstick markings. This crucial fast check will save hours of waiting on the side of the road with a seized and damaged engine by standing in the rain for a minute.

Check Your Windscreen For Cracks

Windscreen wipers should be tested both in the summer and in the winter, but they are one of the most overlooked aspects of car maintenance. Rainwater, as well as the salty grit that is strewn around our sidewalks, erodes the rubber in wipers over time.

While you’re at it, look for any minor chips in the windscreen; these can usually be quickly repaired, but if left unchecked, a bad chip can turn into a crack during the cold winter months. To prevent more expensive repairs, most insurers have free windscreen repair services, so it’s still worth double-checking the policy before bad weather strikes.

Check Your Anti-Freeze

Whether it is a quick jolly down to the local supermarket or you are planning a long journey to the family for Christmas, you will want to stay inside the car when it is cold. Check that the radiator is working properly and well-sealed. And make sure you fill up with antifreeze. The extra few quid you spend on anti-freeze could potentially save hundreds on engine and radiator repairs.

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Garage Pontypool

Are you looking for a garage in Pontypool? At PARC Ltd, we have been an established independent garage since 1999. We have been offering our reliable and extensive winter car checks to customers throughout South Wales for 20 years, and we can help you. Whether you need vehicle repairs, an MOT test or car recovery, our friendly team can meet all of your requirements. We are proud to be Which? Trusted Traders, so you will always receive the best service!

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