Car Service Pontypool

If your car or van requires a vehicle service in Pontypool or the surrounding area, we can help. Our team of highly trained mechanics will make sure that your vehicle is in top condition, maximising its lifespan and performance.

Servicing your car is imperative to maintaining your safety when driving it as well as how efficiently it drives. Often a regular service can identify minor issues with your vehicle before they become dangerous or a more expensive issue to repair. Our experienced mechanics are capable of servicing any make or model of vehicle, using our fully equipped garage in Pontypool.

What is Included in a car service?

We offer both interim services and a full service for your vehicle depending on what is required. We recommend having regular services on your vehicle to ensure your car runs better and more reliably. With regular servicing, your vehicle is less likely to break down.

Interim Vehicle Service

The interim service we offer includes checking multiple key components to ensure your vehicle is in working order. If necessary, we also change parts and top up fluids such as motor oil, oil filters and more.

The torque of your vehicle’s wheel nuts are then checked and adjusted. We also check tyre pressure and top off the clutch, brake, and windscreen washer fluid, as well as the power steering reservoir.

Finally, the interim vehicle service includes a visual inspection of the brake discs, brake pads, and tyre tread depth. When the service is complete, we’ll let you know if there are any issues or if any additional work is required. We’ll then inform you of any issues that our team have found. We will always inform you of any works before carrying them out, so there are no hidden fees.  

full Vehicle Service

Unlike an interim service, the full service is recommended at least once a year for your vehicle or if you drive a lot of miles (10,000; whichever comes first). This is to ensure the long term health of your vehicle.

A full service includes numerous comprehensive checks. In addition to the vehicle checks and fluid top-ups performed during the interim car service, we also replace many of the fluids with new ones to ensure that your car runs smoothly. We change air filters based on mileage and vehicle usage, as well as perform additional coolant/antifreeze strength checks and top-ups, clutch fluid, gearbox fluid, and axle oil.

Car Servicing Costs

mechanic performing under good car service

The vehicle services we offer are performed at our independent garage in Pontypool. The cost of a vehicle service can vary depending on whether your car or van requires additional works. We provide high quality vehicle services at competitive prices.

We are able to carry out vehicle services during its warranty period without invalidating it. This is if the service is in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule and recorded as such. The parts we use in this instance must also be of ‘appropriate quality’ and fully recorded. We pride ourselves on using only the best parts and equipment to fully identify and repair problems that may arise.

Contact Us Today To Book Your Car Service

So, if you need a car service in Pontypool, get in touch with one of our friendly mechanics right away. We will arrange for your vehicle to be serviced at a time and date that is convenient for you. 

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