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Clutch Replacement Pontypool

If you need a clutch replacement in Pontypool, make us your first call. At PARC Ltd, we have been an established garage since 1999 and have dealt with a variety of clutch problems. The clutch is a vital part of the transmission of your car, so it should always be performing correctly and be in the best condition. We are specialist technicians who can repair or replace your clutch professionally and for a very competitive price. Our team will go through all of the necessary checks to see if you need repairs or a full replacement, and your car will be back to its best in no time. If you require our services in Caerphilly, Cwmbran, Newport and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today.

Does Your Car Need a New Clutch?

There are many signs that indicate that you may need a new clutch, as worn parts will affect your driving experience. If your gear change is not smooth, this means there could be a problem. Other signs include:

  • Grinding, crunching and juddering sensations.
  • Squeaking noise when pressed.
  • Ability to rev engine, but poor acceleration.
  • ‘Slipping’ which causes loss of acceleration.

If you have noticed any of these, it is best to get your system checked. We will review your car thoroughly which includes checking the fluid, clutch cable and any damage to your gearbox. If you indeed need a new clutch, we will supply and fit durable parts which are excellent value for money.

Clutch Repairs

expanded cross section showing the internal components of a clutch system

For a reliable clutch repairs, visit our independent garage in South Wales. Our friendly service can reassure you on any of your vehicle problems while giving you a detailed breakdown of our reasonable prices. We offer comprehensive services to customers throughout our local area, and we have built up a reputation as being the mechanics you can trust.

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To get a free quote on our clutch repairs and clutch replacement in Pontypool, contact one of our experienced mechanics today.

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