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Car Oil

Obviously as an expert driver, you are encouraged to try to understand a couple of common issues that may affect your car and its day to day operation. With increasing technological development in every vehicle produced nowadays, the chances of being stranded by problems are reduced drastically over time. But remember, it is still necessary that you can recognize an abnormality or unusual behaviour when on your travels.

A vital part of your car’s regular maintenance that helps everything run smoothly is an oil change. There are many fundamental things that you must know relating to getting your car oil changed and how often. Car drivers are often confused when it comes to having their vehicle’s oil changed, so below are 6 essential things to know regarding car oil changes.

Why Do Cars Need Oil Changes

Your cars engine needs oil to run efficiently and avoid developing difficult and costly problems in the future. There are 3 common reasons your engine needs motor oil. Firstly, the oil lubricates all the moving parts to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Secondly, it prevents overheating by minimising the friction of the moving parts, transferring the heat, and absorbing secondary product from combustion. Thirdly, a good oil level keeps everything operating properly so that the engine system does not develop a fault when your oil level gets too low.

When Do I Change My Cars Oil

Different cars have different engines, meaning that all different cars have different needs. If you unsure about this then talk to us at Pontypool Accident and Repair and we can advise. Call us on 01495 769700.

How To Check Your Oil

You should really check your car’s oil on a regular basis- and especially before any long journeys. Make sure that your oil is changed or topped up at the first sign of a leak. Some newer cars have built-in electronic oil monitors and do not have dipsticks for manual examination.

How To Choose Car Oils

In some more up to date cars, the weight of your vehicle’s engine oil is engraved on the cap where you add oil. If you are looking to get a quote for an oil change in Pontypool then please call us on 01495 769700.

When Do I Change Oil Filters

It is advised that your oil filter is changed at the same time as your engine oil however it is difficult to categorically tell what’s necessary to your vehicle and what’s not.

Does The Weather Affect My Car Oil

If you live in an area with cold winters, or if you use your vehicle for towing or moving dangerous materials, synthetic oil is always your best option. Talk to us about Oil Changes and Car Servicing in Pontypool.

Car Service Pontypool

If you need a car service in Pontypool, make PARC Ltd in South Wales your first call. Our fully trained technicians can make sure your vehicle is in the best condition which will maximise its performance and lifespan. This important aspect of car maintenance will improve your car as well as ensuring it is safe for the road.