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Tyre Checks

We at Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre (PARC) have been in the industry for many years and over this time, we’ve learnt a lot about the importance of Tyre Checks Pontypool. To ensure you get the best wear out of your tyres, we’ve put together some advice on important things to look out for. If you would like some professional advice or think your tyres need repairing, call our garage on 01495 769700.

Tyres Pontypool

Tyres are one of the most important parts to any car, so keeping them in good condition will save you a lot of money and reduce the risk of accidents. It’s easy to give think they’re fine by quickly glancing over the four wheels but often when you look closer, that’s when you find problems.

Tyre tread is one of the main things people miss and should never be below 1.6mm. Failing to keep this in check will result in the vehicle owner being fined £2,500, as well as 3 points on your licence per tyre – so for your safety and bank in mind, it’s best to keep on top of this…

How Do I Check My Tyre Tread?

We often get asked ‘how do I check my tyre tread?’ – this is easy thing to overlook but also very easy to check, all you need is 20p! Simply place the side of the coin between the grooves of the tyre and if you can still see the outer strip around the face of the coin, you must get your tyres replaced as soon as possible. This is an unsafe surface to drive on and often results in aquaplaning (when a layer of water builds between the road and the wheel resulting in loss of traction and control).

What Causes Tyre Wear

No matter how well you can drive, tyres are always going to wear when the vehicle is moving, so you will eventually have to change them anyway. However, although general wear and tear can’t be avoided, there are a few ways you can prevent excessive wearing. For professional help, bring your vehicle to us at PARC Ltd. and we’ll look at the wheel alignment. Also make sure your tyres are correctly inflated, so they wear evenly and gradually. Book a service with us by calling 01495 769700.

Tyre Pressure Checks

Another key thing to do is regular tyre pressure checks. You can find the correct tyre pressure in your vehicle’s handbook and with this information you’ll be able to check its correct at petrol stations. If the tyres the inflate too much or too little, it will affect how they wear when you drive. Feel free to come into PARC Ltd.’s garage to get this professionally checked.

Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre

Here at Pontypool Accident & Repair Centre, we hope you have learnt some ways in which you can prolong the life of your tyres. Regular checks and knowing what to look for can save you running into bigger issues further down the line. If you find anything you aren’t sure of or would like a professional to heck your vehicle for you, be sure to give us a call on 01495 769700 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

More Essential Winter Car Checks from Pontypool Accident and Repair Centre – If you get into the very good habit of investing a small amount of time and money into the winter car needs on a regular basis you will ensure the continuing safety when out and about especially in the winter!

Why You Should Check Your Tyre Tread

Tyres are easily the most critical part of your winter maintenance routine and checking the state of your car’s tyres can save your life and others. Remember that wet roads require deeper tread to maintain an acceptable displacement of water and prevent aquaplaning.

Why Tyre Pressure Is Important

Tyre pressure is just as important to car safety, and this should be checked as frequently as possible. The freezing cold air contracts, so tyre pressure will reduce the colder it gets even though tyres will warm up once the car is on the road. Check your cars user manual for recommendations for cold weather tyre pressures and check them every week when cold – it is worth it.

Tyres Garages Near Me

Significant changes in the tyre pressure could also be indicative of slow punctures or other related problems which are better dealt with while near a good auto centre at the weekend, in daylight, rather than on the side of the road on a dark wintery and cold night.

Is Your Car Battery Charging Properly

Did you know that most car batteries have an average life expectancy of around five years so if your vehicle’s battery is coming to the end of its life it is best to check it, or outright change it before the winter arrives and you get caught out.

Apart from running out of petrol a flat battery is perhaps one the most frustrating things to happen, especially in the winter cold snow and rain. According to the RAC this accounts for around a third of all vehicle call outs and it is easy to forget the additional strain batteries must deal with in the winter months with additional heating and the increased use of lights whilst travelling – so get it replaced.

Carry A Winter Car Emergency Kit At All Times

All the good motoring advice in the world is totally useless if you do not have a plan for when things unexpectedly go pear-shaped. So, why not ensure you have a winter safety pack in your car and remember to tailor it to your specific needs, especially if you travel with vulnerable or young family members such as children or the grandparents. In extreme circumstances, you could land up on the side of the road overnight and in this weather that not good!

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Are you looking for a garage in Pontypool? At PARC Ltd, we have been an established independent garage since 1999. We have been offering our reliable and extensive services to customers throughout South Wales for 20 years, and we can help you. Whether you need vehicle repairs, a MOT test or car recovery, our friendly team can meet all of your requirements. We are proud to be Which? Trusted Traders, so you will always receive the best service.