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We are going to take you through which repairs need looking at by an expert car body repair service. This is not one of those guides to do it yourself! When dealing with your cars body, repairs need to be undertaken by a trained professional for the best result and it’s the ideal way to keep your car at its best. Take a look at our guide to car body repairs.

Why Have Car Body Repairs

Many parts of your car can be repaired through a computer as technology has advanced over the years. There are still areas that need physical repair, such as steel works, paint, and glass. A lot of car owners, thanks to the internet, are able to find parts for their cars and feel they can install them without trouble, but this isn’t always the case. A lot of DIY repairs end up at your local car repair centre, fixing a poorly installed part, so its best to get it right first time at a professional garage.

Professional Car Body Repairs

Have your vehicle repaired by a trained professional is the way forward, we know you want to try but it will cost you more in the long run. Below is a list of car repairs that should NEVER be undertake by an untrained person: –

– Replacing the windshield- If you have seen a professional replace a windshield, they make it look so easy that most people think they could do that. This is not the case; a trained professional makes it look ease because they are trained and know how to fit a replacement correctly.
– Large paint job or big dent repair- This should be done by a professional for the best results. Most people start with the best intentions, but the job just seems to grow, and you end up with a disastrous looking car. In some cases, making more damage.
– Frame and Alignment Damage- Do not try to repair any part of your cars frame as poor repairs can greatly reduce your car being safe on the road. If you notice any issues with the main body of your car contact your local car body repair shop.
– Removing Rust- Most will think that a little bit of rust can be treated at home in the drive. Not all rust is visible and no matter what you do it seems to come back. It will be more cost effective to take it to a professional and get it sorted correctly.

Car Body Repairs South Wales

So, there you have our little guide to car body repairs. If you have any issues with your car, then look no further than Pontypool Accident and Repair Centre. Our skilled team are here to get your car back to the best condition in no time.

We all know how annoying it is when your brakes start squeaking. Although it can be irritating, are squeaky brakes a sign something else may be happening? Find out why your brakes are squeaking and whether a repair is in order.

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking

In most cases brakes squeak because there is surface rust scraping off the discs by the brake pads. More common on the first drive of the day, especially in wet conditions. There can also be a collection of dirt & moisture collecting on the brake discs.

Now, most brakes will make some sort of noise when you apply them but if your brakes squeak every time you brake. It’s time to take your vehicle to a professional. Our expertly trained staff will be able to help and repair them in no time. Knowing the age of your brakes is important too. If you are unsure, our team will be able to advise you about the condition of your brakes.

How To Repair Squeaky Brakes

How do you keep your brakes quiet? A simple brake pad replacement will sort most issues, which should be undertaken by a professional for the best results. Using lubricants can help too but remember nothing should be put on your brake discs that isn’t recommended and if you are in anyway unsure contact us at PARC.

Making repairs yourself is admirable but repairs should be made by someone with the right knowledge. Undertaking repairs could make the problem worse if you don’t have the right experience. In some cases, this can be dangerous.

Brake Repairs Pontypool

If you have any concerns about your brakes, contact Pontypool Accident & Repair centre. Our expert staff offer skilled brake repairs in Pontypool and surrounding areas. Our garage can handle all of your braking issues, as we use a variety of specialist tools and diagnostic equipment to fix your problems.

If you are thinking of getting a car respray, be it for a simple scratch repair or a full body change. Parc can help you to get the best look for your vehicle. We have put together a little guide to point you in the right direction and keep you informed on car respray services in Pontypool.

What Is Included In A Car Respray

We start with cutting with an abrasive compound to remove the thin layers of paint and then use specialist cutting tools in different strengths to get the best base to start the painting process. We then sand to remove the top layer of paint and apply a primer which makes a great sealed surface to protect the body and help give the best finish for the paint to adhere to. Then of course we apply the paint you have chosen, for the perfect finish.

Leave It To The Professionals

Car Respraying is technical and can cause safety issues for anyone not professionally trained. We want our customer to stay safe, car respraying deals with dangerous chemicals and technical equipment. So, for this reason we ask you to leave it to the professionals and get the best finish & garage service from the outset.

Car Respray Pontypool

At our garage, we offer car resprays in Pontypool. Our garage has been established since 1999 and in that time, we have delivered high quality and durable paint resprays to vehicles throughout South Wales. Our trained and experienced paint specialists can restore your paintwork and make it look like new.
Contact us 01495 769 700 for a full quote.

At Pontypool Accident and Repair Centre we do so much more than just new tyres and MOT’s! Did you know we offer winter car checks as well as a range of garage services to keep your car on the road this winter?

All you have to do is develop the habit of devoting a small amount of time and money to your winter car’s requirements, and you’ll ensure its continued protection, comfort, and usability when it’s most required – on those cold winter days.

Why You Check All Your Cars Lights

Make sure your headlights, brake lights, and side lights are clean and free of debris or snow on a regular basis. If your car’s headlights aren’t as bright as they should be, it’s one thing, but in heavy rain, snowy, or foggy weather, brake lights that aren’t working properly put you at risk from other drivers who might not be able to see you.

It’s important to double-check that all of the bulbs are in working order, as well as your fog lights. When driving in South Wales, fog can appear unexpectedly, and well-functioning fog lights can help keep you safe in dangerous situations – see and be seen is still the best slogan!

Why You Should Check Your Oil Levels

You must check your oil levels on a regular basis with the dipstick (under the hood). Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to check your oil levels, but the engine should be cold in general.

Remove the dipstick, wipe it clean with a cloth or kitchen towel, and completely reinstall it in the engine. Remove it again, and you should be able to see the oil level depending on the dipstick markings. This crucial fast check will save hours of waiting on the side of the road with a seized and damaged engine by standing in the rain for a minute.

Check Your Windscreen For Cracks

Windscreen wipers should be tested both in the summer and in the winter, but they are one of the most overlooked aspects of car maintenance. Rainwater, as well as the salty grit that is strewn around our sidewalks, erodes the rubber in wipers over time.

While you’re at it, look for any minor chips in the windscreen; these can usually be quickly repaired, but if left unchecked, a bad chip can turn into a crack during the cold winter months. To prevent more expensive repairs, most insurers have free windscreen repair services, so it’s still worth double-checking the policy before bad weather strikes.

Check Your Anti-Freeze

Whether it is a quick jolly down to the local supermarket or you are planning a long journey to the family for Christmas, you will want to stay inside the car when it is cold. Check that the radiator is working properly and well-sealed. And make sure you fill up with antifreeze. The extra few quid you spend on anti-freeze could potentially save hundreds on engine and radiator repairs.

Read more Winter Car Checks.

Garage Pontypool

Are you looking for a garage in Pontypool? At PARC Ltd, we have been an established independent garage since 1999. We have been offering our reliable and extensive winter car checks to customers throughout South Wales for 20 years, and we can help you. Whether you need vehicle repairs, an MOT test or car recovery, our friendly team can meet all of your requirements. We are proud to be Which? Trusted Traders, so you will always receive the best service!

You should always be sure to inspect your vehicle regularly, to pick up any faults before they become bigger problems. PARC Motors Pontypool are here to give you the top three vehicle checks we believe everyone should be doing weekly to keep the quality of their motor. Read on or call us on 01495 76970 for more information.

Vehicle Oil Checks Pontypool

A simple weekly dipstick test will make sure your engine oils are at the right height, so nothing suddenly stops working. Oil is important for your vehicle because it keeps everything running smoothly (literally).

For those who don’t know, when you pull the dipstick out, the oil should be between the lines indicated. We recommend doing the dipstick test a few times (wiping the rod after each attempt) to be sure the reading was correct.

Look at the shade and texture of the oil too as the very dark pasty kind doesn’t necessarily mean it must be changed. It’s best to go to your local garage or us at PARC Ltd for help as this is commonly misunderstood. You can call us today on 01495 769700.

Windscreen Wiper Maintenance Pontypool

People don’t often think to check their windscreen wipers but if they aren’t kept clean and new, they could cause streaks or even scratches on your windscreen. This is bad as it can obstruct your view when driving, especially in bad conditions.

Windscreen fluid should be topped up often and faults should be fixed when immediately possible, just like anything else to do with your vehicle. We at PARC Ltd can do this for you for a great price so call us today on 01495 769700 and book an appointment.

Pontypool Tyre Checks

Tyres legally must have the correct tread and pressure else they put you at risk on the road. The 20p test shows you if your tread is correct, as well as the indicators on your tyres. You should be able to tell if your tyres are in serious need of changing but it shouldn’t get to that point.

For the correct tyre pressure, you can check your vehicles handbook or go online and search your vehicle if your handbook isn’t with you. While checking your tyre pressure and tread, be sure to look for any tears or bumps on or around the tyres. These should be looked at my a professional if found. Our team at PARC Ltd would be happy to help you out, call us today on 01495 769700.

PARC Ltd Pontypool

We hope you have a better understanding on the weekly checks and tasks you should be carrying out on your own vehicles. If you encounter a problem that you don’t know how to fix, call us at PARC Ltd on 01495 769700, to speak to an experienced mechanic and book an appointment at our garage.

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