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The wheels on your car are perhaps one of the most important parts of the vehicle, especially where your road safety is concerned. So, conducting regular wheel and tyre checks is crucial to maintaining your car and ensuring everyone inside is in a safe and legal vehicle.

Why Is Tyre Safety So Important?

Your wheels, or tyres, are critical in several important car functions. This includes: the brakes, the suspension, the surface grip and the speed. Good tyres (correct pressure, correct alignment and correct tread-depth) will allow your car to perform properly, reach speeds safely, brake safely and can even help your car be more fuel efficient.

Tyre Checks In Ponypool

It is recommended you check your tyres at least once a month, but perhaps more during the good old British bad weather. It is also wise to check your tyres before going on any long journeys – as you will want your car to be in peak performance if you plan on driving for more than 2-3 hours in a row.

MOTs In Ponypool

During the MOT test, your wheels and tyres will be checked – but do not just rely on your MOT. Checking your tyres each month could help prevent accidents and could stop any nasty surprises such as a flat tyre. A visual inspection is good, but you should also try and get a feel for how your wheels feels when they are in good health, so that you can identify if something feels wrong.

If you are not confident checking your tyres, then trust a professional to do it. It is always better to be safe, then sorry, especially where car safety is involved.

There are several tyres checks you can do at home – and we will explain them here. These are small, quick checks you can be doing regularly to ensure your car is safe.

Checking Depth Of Tyre Tread

You will often be able to tell if your car’s tread-depth is too low just by looking, as the tracks and dents in the wheel will seem too shallow or maybe even ‘balding’. If your wheel looks smooth and flat – this is a sure sign they need replacing.

Tyre Fitters Pontypool

If you think your wheels might be getting old and near the legal tread-depth limit (but you are not completely sure) then you can do the 20p test. When you insert a 20p coin into the tracks of your tyres and if the ‘border’ of the 20p coin is still visible, then your car needs new tyres. You will want to test each tyre individually, as they can wear-out at different rates.

How To Check Tyre Pressures?

The next thing you will want to check is the pressure of your tyres. Tyre pressure can affect how your vehicle handles and maintaining the right wheel pressure is critical for braking and ensuring you have maximum grip or wheel torque on the road. You will need to do each tyre individually, because the pressure could be less in the back two, or the front two (for example). When checking what inflation pressure to aim for, there should be a guide in your car’s handbook (if you want to be precise) but the main thing to look for at home is a firm wheel. What you do not want are soft tyres that feel deflated.

If you can visit a petrol station – you will be able to check your official pressure using the self-service air pressure pumps available. This is highly recommended as it will give you a much more accurate reading.

How To Check For Punctures?

You will probably know if your tyre has a puncture because it can make handling the car very difficult. Some signs you have a puncture are often felt whilst driving:

If car is pulling in a certain direction
The car wheels feel wobbly
If car is having difficulty steering

If you are unsure though, you can conduct a visual puncture check yourself. To do this you will want to inspect the wheels for any rips or tears, or any items lodged or stuck in the ridges.

Are Illegal Tyres Dangerous?

Yes, there is a reason why cars have a minimum allowance for things like tread-depth. If your cars wheels are not safe, or do not pass their MOT, you will not be allowed to drive your car until they are replaced or fixed.

Last year, over 340,000 tyre tread depths were surveyed across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and it was discovered that more than a quarter of people were driving with illegal tyres. This is dangerous not only for you (the driver) but for people and cars around you too. It is totally your responsibility to ensure your car is safe, so carrying out regular checks is crucial.

Have you been thinking lately, why have wheel alignment? It might seem like a hassle to those of us desperate to scrimp and save where we can. However, getting your wheels aligned by our team at Parc Ltd. in Pontypool is a way to get value for spend. It can save you money in the long run. There are numerous benefits to getting wheel alignment. These include the following:

Ensuring even tyre tread to extend the life of your tyres.
Improving vehicle handling
Minimising the uneven wear of car parts
Reducing pricey repairs
Maximising the consumption of your fuel

Being your local automotive professionals, PARC Ltd. have the necessary skills for performing wheel alignment on a range of different vehicles. If a high-quality service is what you are after, at a competitive price, get in touch with our team. We can get your wheels aligned at a time that fits your schedule.

Car Suspension Repairs

Getting a wheel alignment involves a car suspension repair. Our experienced staff align your vehicle’s suspension parts according to the manufacturer’s requirements. We use certain processes to make sure that this alignment is performed as precisely as possible. If you are unsure as to when to approach us for a wheel alignment, here are the occasions in which to get a check-up:

You hit a kerb or a pot-hole
Your car slides to one side when driving in a straight line
When you buy a new tyre

We care greatly about the safety of our customers. Therefore, regardless of whether you buy new tyres or not, our qualified technicians highly recommend that you get one of us to align your tyres annually. We provide effective and affordable wheel alignment services to every one of our clients.

Local Wheel Alignment

It is unsurprising that, over the years, our team have become reputable in offering local wheel alignment. So excellent are our services, that, our clients come to us from all over South Wales, as well as Pontypool. Taking around half an hour, wheel alignment is a speedy process. Our professional and experienced team can fix you up within minutes. That means you can pay a quick visit on your lunch break or after work. Feel free to give us a call for further enquiries or pay a visit into our Lisburn or Dromore depot. You cannot put a price on your safety.

Best Wheel Straightening Pontypool

For the best wheel straightening in Pontypool, visit PARC Ltd. While wheel straightening is not necessarily a service that accompanies buying new tyres, it is not something to be dismissed. As we have explained, there are many benefits to getting your wheels aligned. However, if you would like any additional information on why getting your wheels straightened would be a wise decision, do not hesitate to speak with a member of our team. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team have your best interests at the forefront.

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